Folder Filtering

If you have a folder that has many sub folders you can filter the list and narrow down what you see. This is done by pressing a letter or number on your keyboard. The folder list is then filtered to display all sub folders starting with that letter or number.

To do this:

  • Within the folder you'd like to filter the subfolders for,
  • Type either a letter, letters or a word which matches the beginning of the subfolders name in the "Filter for folders" text box:

  • In this screenshot I've typed "99" as I'm looking for the 99 Corporation subfolder, to perform the filter simply press the ENTER key,
  • When you press ENTER you will see only the subfolders which begin with the letters you've typed in the text field:

  • This can also be useful for filtering down to subfolders which simply begin with a letter, for example performing a filter for the letter Z so you don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the subfolders.
  • To clear the filter either click on the parent folder name in the folder breadcrumb, click the x next to the word you're filtering with, or simply press escape.

Folder Filtering doesn't work like a search, if you type in a search term which may be in a subfolder's name but not beginning with, you won't receive the results you'd get from performing a normal search using the search bar.

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