SuiteFiles Outlook app for Mac and Web App

If you're using Outlook for Mac or accessing the Outlook Web App from your browser, you can use the SuiteFiles Outlook app to save emails and attachments to SuiteFiles, attach files from SuiteFiles when creating new emails and more. If you're a Windows user with the Outlook desktop app, you can use the  Outlook add-in for Windows

Please note: Not all SuiteFiles customers will currently have this app, if you don't and would like to have this app, please let our support team know by emailing and they'll deploy the app to your Office 365 account for you.


Enabling the SuiteFiles Outlook app

This SuiteFiles Outlook app is different to the SuiteFiles Outlook add-in for Windows, as it's attached to your Office 365 login This means once it's enabled it will be available to use wherever you login to Outlook for Mac or access the Outlook Web App from your browser.

To enable the app:

  1. Go to in the browser
  2. Click on the settings icon at the top right of the page,
  3. Click the Mail link near the bottom of the settings window which opens from the side
  4. Click General > Manage add-ins
  5. Tick the box for SuiteOutlook under the column Turned on. If you cannot see this in your list of options, please contact the SuiteFiles support team at 

The SuiteFiles Outlook app will now be enabled for you. For step by step instructions, see  Outlook for Mac or the Outlook Web App in the browser

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