Setting up your credit card and activating subscription

To set up a credit card and activate a SuiteFiles subscription:

  • In your SuiteFiles site press the blue "Start a SuiteFiles subscription!" button at the top right of the SuiteFiles Web App,

  • This will open up a form where you can then fill in your Credit Card and Billing information, first enter your credit card information and other details in the text fields,

  • Scroll Down and then click on the currency if it isn't correct to select your currency,

  • Then choose the Subscription plan you'd like to subscribe to, to check out the plans, their pricing and what's included with them view our pricing page here.
  • Your Subscription Plan can be changed at any time throughout your subscription.

  • Once you've finished filling in all information and selecting your currency and Subscription Plan click the blue "Start Subscription" button to activate your subscription.

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