Template Categories

With Template Categories now in our SuiteFiles web app and the new ability to create and organise these yourselves, managing templates has become much easier.

NOTE: You will need to either be a SuiteFiles admin or be given permissions to manage templates to do this.

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Creating new template categories:

  • Go to the manage templates section in SuiteFiles web by clicking the More tab then "Manage Templates"

  • Click the plus symbol on the right side of the CATEGORIES title

  • Provide your category name in the text field and click the "create" button

Adding Templates to categories:

  • In the template manager, click the three dots next to a listed file template,
  • Hover the mouse over "Add to category",
  • Then click on the category to add the template to and the template will be moved.

Removing templates from categories:

  • To remove a template from a category simply follow the above instructions for adding a template to a category except add the template to the default category called "Other" 
  • Other is simply all templates which aren't assigned to categories

Deleting template categories:

  • While in the template manager,
  • Right-Click on a template category and click the "delete" button
  • Please note that this will also delete the templates in the category, if you don't want to delete the templates then add them to the other category instead.

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