Sharing Folders in the SuiteFiles web app

In the SuiteFiles web app you can share folders with other SuiteFiles users however you aren't able to share folders with external users.

To Share a folder with another SuiteFiles user:

  • While in the folder you wish to share click on the three dots next to the folder name,
  • From the drop-down menu click the "Share with..." button,

  • Type the user to share with's name in the Text box and then select the user from the drop-down list which appears below,

  • When you select the user they will have a white rectangle appear around their name and you can then enter a message for the user and a simple reason for sharing using the toggle buttons,
  • When you've added the users to share with (you can add multiple users), simply click the blue "SHARE" button to share the folder.

Additional Information:

  • Once the folder has been shared the user will receive a notification in their SuiteFiles site, an email notification and the folder will appear under their "Tasks" tab in the SuiteFiles site.
  • An Internal user is another SuiteFiles user in your site.
  • An External user is someone outside of your organisation or someone who doesn't have a login or access to your SuiteFiles site.
  • While there currently isn't functionality to share folders with External users, this is something we'd like and are looking into adding in the web app.

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