How to use Advanced Search

Advanced Search is useful for searching using a keyword or keywords and then refining the search with the use of filters.

Video Tutorial:

To use advanced search:

  • Click on the search bar at the top middle of the web app,
  • Type your search term/s,
  • Either Click the "Advanced search for ..." button in the drop down list under the search bar OR simply press the enter key,

You'll be taken to a new window where you'll see all results for your search term,

There's usually a lot of results which can be refined by using the filters on the left hand side:

The filters available are:

  • File type - The File Type filter will filter the results down to only the particular file type you choose.
  • Client folder - The client folder filter allows to refine the search to only show results for items that are under a particular client folder. To recognise a folder as being a client the clients folders much be under the "Clients" folder under home.
  • Financial Year - The Financial Year filter will filter down to the files which have a subfolder for a year e.g. "Clients\99 Corporation\2017\Workpapers\99 Corporation - March.docx" and if there's no subfolder for a year then it will filter the file based on the date the file was last modified.
  • Modified by - This will filter the files based on the user the file was last modified by.
  • last edited - This will filter the files based on the date the files were last modified / edited.

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