Workaround login method for SuiteFiles Outlook

If you're having trouble logging in to SuiteFiles for Outlook, in particular when the login screen keeps jumping back you can try using an alternative way to login.

To do this:

  • With the SuiteFiles for Outlook login window open,
  • Click on the title that says "Sign in to SuiteFiles",

  • This should change the login window to only display a text field for the Site URL which you will then need to enter your SuiteFiles site URL into:

  • Once you've entered your Site URL click the "Login to SuiteFiles" button.
  • At this point you may get an error message pop-up relating to script errors, simply click the yes button to any of these that pop-up:

  • When asked click Yes - grant access,

  • You may be asked to sign in to your Office 365 account if it isn't remembered, if asked simply login with your Office 365 credentials and proceed.
  • After you've followed through the process and clicked "Yes - grant access" SuiteFiles for Outlook should now login.
  • This will also remember your login so after exiting Outlook it should always login when starting it up again.

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