Advanced search not working

Advanced search is when you enter a search term in the search bar and either hit the enter key, select "Advanced Search for " or select "Search in current folder for ". If performing an advanced search leaves you with an infinite loading screen you may need to set up the advanced search again.

This can be done by:

Typing the word "activate" in the search bar,

Clicking the option which appears in the drop-down named "Activate SuiteFiles Advanced Mode",

A window will then appear saying "Activating SuiteFiles settings".

Once this has finished updating, the window will close on its own and you should find "advanced search" or "search in current folder" is now returning results.

If the above doesn't fix this:

You will need to clear the cache in the chrome browser (close any SuiteFiles tabs first), which can be done with the help of these instructions - This will reset everything and allow advanced search to work again. 

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