Configuring your user settings for SuiteFiles web

File Opening Settings:

To get to your user profile settings:

  • Within SuiteFiles web, click on your username in the top right of the browser
  • Click on "User Profile Settings"

  • In the User Settings window which appears, select the File Preferences tab
  • Here you can simply click the buttons to select your options:

  • Show archived content - if yes this will allow you to see all archived content in your SuiteFiles site in the browser.
  • Show times and dates - If yes the "Date Last Modified" column when viewing files will display the time as well as data a file was last modified.
  • Open office files in browser - if yes then clicking on files in the SuiteFiles web will open them in the online version of office, no will open files in the Desktop version of the Office apps.
  • Open emails in browser - if yes then clicking on emails in the SuiteFiles web app will open a preview of the email in the browser, no will download the email to then be opened in Outlook.

Reset Search:

If you are experiencing any issues with search like files or folders not being displayed in search then you may need to update your search cache for SuiteFiles web.

This can be done by selecting the Search tab in your User Settings and clicking the "reset search" button.

If the "Time for a coffee" window gets a full progress bar and doesn't close then you can simply close this yourself by clicking the close button.

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