Download workpapers from Xero to SuiteFiles

With our chrome extension installed you can download workpapers into SuiteFiles by doing the following:

  • Selecting the workpapers you want to download to SuiteFiles
  • Clicking on the 'Export Workpapers' button
  • Selecting either 'Export PDF To SuiteFiles' or 'Export ZIP To SuiteFiles'

  • Using the window that pops up, navigate to the folder you want to download these workpapers to
  • You can use folder filtering just like in SuiteFiles web, typing the starting letters of a folder name to jump to it

  • Once you're in the folder, click the 'SELECT FOLDER' button to upload the workpapers into SuiteFiles
  • Once the workpapers are uploaded, you will get a notification in the browser to let you know

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