Working with Xero Practice Manager and SuiteFiles

With SuiteFiles and Xero Practice Manager integrated you will be able to access your clients documents from SuiteFiles in the XPM Documents tab. If you have our chrome extension installed, you will be able to have a clients, job, and quotes folder automatically created.

How XPM works

When you’re in the Xero Practice Manager (XPM) and you click on the Documents tab for either a client, a job or a quote the system will interrogate SuiteFiles looking for a client folder with the same name (in the case for a job it looks for a folder structure that is Client Name > Jobs > Job Name; for quotes it is Client Name > Quotes > Quote Name) and then displays the files stored in SuiteFiles in this location.

Manually Selecting the Client Folder

Sometimes the client in XPM doesn’t have a corresponding client folder in SuiteFiles with the same name. You can manually set this by clicking the highlighted link

Then selecting the appropriate folder from the list and clicking Save.

Creating a new Client folder:

Once you've created a new client in XPM you will get a prompt after a few seconds asking if you would like to create a corresponding folder in SuiteFiles, you also have the ability to use a folder template to do this. 

Creating a new Job Folder:

As soon as you hit the save button on a new job you will be asked if you want a folder created under Client/Jobs for this in SuiteFiles.

Creating a new Quote folder:

When you create a new Quote in XPM and click the next button, you will be prompted to create a folder for that quote under the client in SuiteFiles

Archiving Client folders:

When you archive a client in XPM you will be asked if you'd like to also archive the client in SuiteFiles. This will also work when unarchiving the client in XPM.

Editing Client Names:

If you edit a clients name in Xero you will be asked if you would like that clients name in SuiteFiles to also be renamed:

Printing reports to SuiteFiles:

To Print a report from XPM to SuiteFiles, click the Export PDF to SuiteFiles button:

On the next screen, choose where to save your file by navigating through your folder structure, then press Save.

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