Setting up your WorkflowMax integration

Integration between SuiteFiles and WorkflowMax (WFM) is two-way. That is, WFM pulls file data back from SuiteFiles to display in their interface. SuiteFiles also pulls client information from WFM and uses this to pre-populate document and email templates.

Connecting WFM to SuiteFiles

This is done by:

  • A WFM administrator logging in to the WFM account,
  • Click Admin > Document Management,
  • Click the Enable button by the Suite logo,
  • Enter your SuiteFiles URL and click the Login to SuiteFiles button,
  • Click the Trust It button,

This connects SuiteFiles with WFM. Client records with a corresponding client folder in SuiteFiles named the same way will display the files stored in SuiteFiles through the documents tab in WFM.

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