Installing the Chrome Extension

Our recently updated Chrome extension will provide much more integration between Xero and SuiteFiles as well as making the online version of office more reliable for you. You will need to be on either the Full Suite or Pro subscription to get access to it.

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How to Install:

To install the chrome extension you will need to:

  1. Go to the download center by clicking on your username in the top right of SuiteFiles web,
  2. Click the "Download apps ..." button
  3. Click the download button underneath "Chrome Extension"
  4. You will be taken to the chrome web store where you just need to click 'Add to Chrome'
  5. You'll get a confirmation box where you simply need to click 'Add extension'
  6. Click the SuiteFiles icon in the top right of the browser
  7. On the Login screen, enter your SuiteFiles URL, Office 365 username and password
  8. Click the Login button
Please note: If you have two factor authentication enabled for your Office 365 login, you will need to use the Advanced Login link which will ask for your SuiteFiles Site URL e.g. and will then take you through the Office 365 login process which ends with a login token being created and a prompt from the Chrome Extension confirming you want to use this to log in.


XPM & WorkFlowMax:
Blue Xero
Xero Tax


  • By right-clicking on the SuiteFiles icon in the top-right of the browser a menu will pop-up
  • Select Options
  • Toggle the features on or off to disable or enable an option

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