Setting up your Xero Practice Manager Integration

Integration between SuiteFiles and Xero Practice Manager (XPM) is two-way. That is, XPM pulls file data back from SuiteFiles to display in their interface. SuiteFiles also pulls client information from XPM and uses this to pre-populate document and email templates.

Connecting XPM to SuiteFiles

  1. An administrator needs to log in to your XPM account
  2. Click Business, Settings, Document Management
  3. Click the Enable button by the Suite logo
  4. Enter your SuiteFiles URL and click the Login to SuiteFiles button
  5. Click the Trust It button

This connects SuiteFiles with XPM. Client records with a corresponding client folder in SuiteFiles named the same way will display the files stored in SuiteFiles through the documents tab in XPM.

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